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:revenue;英式英语:turnover,财报中的top line),. zhi. 指公司在 销. dao.

Topline bottomline意思

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沿着Top line 这条路线,企业在相当长的时间内会陷入营收越来越大、亏损越来越多的境地,PE(股权投资)必须“接力输血”,否则企业就会“突然死亡”,令PE们血本无归。. 直到上市,将接力棒塞给 尚诚同力 Topline,是一种态度,一种力量,更是一个期待. 与Topline对应的是Bottom line,高端、顶层、上限的意思,Top也是一种向上的力量。. 而尚贤,尚能,不如尚诚;诚实、诚恳,未若诚信;同心,方能同力;同德,致于同力,故“尚诚同力”。. 因此,Topline、“尚诚同力”是一种态度,一种力量,更是一个期待。. 成立四年来,Topline初步形成北京、深圳两地布局。.

Produktfakta BlackBerry 10 Z10 10,7 cm 4.2" Ett SIM-kort - Icecat

Whatever you have in mind, our professionals work to bring your dreams to life. The top line state the maximum loads, while the bottom line states the minimum loads of the energy unit. D ie oberste Zeile de finie rt die maximale Leistung während umgekehrt die unter st e Zeile d ie minimale Leistung der Erzeugungsanlage angibt.

Topline bottomline意思

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Topline bottomline意思

In other words, Top-line Resultsare the outcomes of the analyses (e.g., totals, frequencies, distributions ormarginals) that are the output of a statistical analysis – whether thatanalysis is based on preliminary data or final data.

In this video Top Line, Bottom Line and CAGR terminologies explained IES Share Market Training Institute established in 2004 by Mr Prashant Sarode with a bas Welcome to the Bottom Line Top Line Podcast with Carol Bartlett, Jol Hunter, and Chris Spurvey. In this week’s podcast episode, we discuss the importance of family councils for family-run businesses, how such a council can benefit the performance of the business, and some tips for maintaining open dialogue among family members. Dinge, die Sie im Auge behalten sollten Top Line und Bottom Line Profits. Egal, ob Sie ein Investor, Manager, Kreditgeber oder Unternehmer sind, es gibt ein paar Dinge, die Sie sich merken müssen. ..
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bottom-line n as adjnoun as adjective: Describes another noun--for example, "boat race," "dogfood." (business: of profit, loss), 账本底线. 2007年12月20日 商業書籍中的bottom line,一般是指「底線」,也就是損益表上最後一行的盈餘 數字 的一點」、「決勝點」、「關鍵點」(the decisive point)的意思。 The Holy Grail is not top line sales growth; it's bottom-line profit growth. 而這句你的bottom line,正是盈餘淨利的意思。還有在財務報表裡的top line,最 上面一行是revenue,營業收入、總收入。所以top line就是營收,bottom line就是   Revenue, Sales or Top Line(营收、销售额和总收入):公司在该季度的总 Earning, Profits or Bottom Line(盈利、利润和净利润):公司上一季度赚的钱。 Line with the average for a dark horse.

2014-09-01 2012-11-17 在经济和管理学领域,top-line growth是什么意思 33; 2017-12-16 “bottom line”是什么意思? 2020-04-09 bottom line 和deadline 的区别? 2015-05-25 bottom line是什么意思; 2017-07-23 为啥管利润叫Bottom Line; 2016-06-16 bottom line和base line有什么区别 14; 2009-03-20 triple bottom line 啥 在用英文讨论某家(上市)公司的经营情况时,你有可能会听到top line,bottom line这样的专有词汇,它们分别代表什么意思?有何区别呢?本文将就此问题作出具体解答。 其实,这里的top line,指的是公司的“营收”(revenue)、或“销售额”(sales)。 [1]top line growth = growth in revenues(公司整体收入增加)。不过看了上面的表你是不是还应该理解营收增加不一定等于利润增长,因为还要看成本和费用呢! [2] bottom line growth = growth in netprofit(公司净利增加)。 又有一个词:顶线增长。 2020-12-15 · The income statement top-line is total revenues, while the bottom-line (for investors) is net income applicable to common shares.
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Produktfakta BlackBerry 10 Z10 10,7 cm 4.2" Ett SIM-kort - Icecat

当老外说 Our top line will be looking very bad this year,你就要知道他的意思今年的销售额会很差。. 再看下面这句话:. During his tenure, we have grown our business exponentially, with strong contributions to the top and bottom line 说明: “top and bottom line”可直译为顶线和底线。但top line 和bottom line是两个特殊的财务用语:“简单地说, 在财务上, top line 是公司年度的总收入,即 total revenues, 而bottom line是帐面利润,即总收入除去各种不同类型的开支后的收入;top line 可以显示公司的业务前景和客户的认可程度, 而bottom line是表明 2.第一流的,最優秀的 (top-line hotel 第一流的旅館)。 "bottom line" 中文翻譯 : (損益表中最末一行)末行數字; 底釣漁具;底延繩釣; 底綱; 底線 :賬面上的利潤,是產品/服務的銷售成本和費用的函數。; 底線/盈虧一覽結算線; 底線;最低限度; 底線;最終效益; 損益表底線,最終財務成果; 賬本底線,盈虧一覽結算線; 總之,歸根結底; 最低價格; 最最下面那一行 由于营收和净利润分别为位于损益表的第一行和最后一行,所以,不惜代价保持营收高速增长的策略叫做Top line growth。. 相反,千方百计赚取净利润的策略叫做Bottom line growth。.

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Many people have enjoyed affluence only to lose it all because they didn't understand that the top line and the bottom line do not necessarily move in tandem. 2020-07-22 · The top line and bottom line are two of the most important lines on the income statement for a company. Investors and analysts pay particular attention to them for signs of any changes from quarter top and bottom line指的是什么意思?.

Produktfakta BlackBerry 10 Z10 10,7 cm 4.2" Ett SIM-kort - Icecat

毕竟,这里的bottom,意思是“底部”,而line,有“线”的意思。. 但实际上,bottom line的真正含义却并非如此。. 在美语中,bottom line,常具有两种含义。.

In particular, corporate practice is interested in how environmental management impacts firms’ finance through top-line impact, bottom-line impact, or both—as this paves the way for an the bottom line Since breaking into the industry in 2015, Top Line Tree Service Inc. has been recognized as a dependable contractor. We’ve provided clients with a wide range of services for all their needs. The bottom line is a noun, though increasingly it is being used as a verb as in bottom line me, a request to leave out the details of an explanation and skip to the important part.